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Week of January 12, 2020


The annual meeting of the Church in Bothell will be held at the Bothell Adult Day Health and Wellness Center, 10212 East Riverside Drive, Bothell, WA 98011 on the Lord’s Day, February 2, 2020 at 12:00 noon to hear the financial report for 2020 and to approve the Board of Directors for 2020.

Short Form Announcement

**New website**Life-studies: Every hour, 24 hours a day!

Update Jan 5

The church in Bellingham has put an offer on a meeting hall, with a closing date of February 3.  The facility is in an excellent location, has an existing (well configured) church meeting space with plenty of parking and extra acreage.  Bellingham is able to fund over half of the purchase price, and we in the Puget Sound have an opportunity to participate in the “fellowship… in the account of giving” (Philippians 4:10) to complete the purchase and some minor aesthetic upgrades.  If the Lord so leads you, please designate any offering through the Church in Bothell to “Bellingham Meeting Hall.See the pictures.

2020 International Chinese Speaking Conference
Anaheim, California
February 14-16, 2020

Registration due date for hospitality, childcare, and special fellowship sessions is January 31, 2020

Chinese Announcement
English Announcement

Holy Word for Morning Revival:
The One New Man Fulfilling God’s Purpose
in Creating Man
Week 6

“The Prayer Needed for the Reality and Practicality
of the One New Man”

Buy HWMR Kindle Version

Corporate Reading
Section 3 of the Ministry Digest, Vol. 1, No. 3, Message 12
“The Way God Builds Himself Into Man”
(Excerpt below)

Calendar This Week

Lord’s Day at Bothell
Jan 1210:00 am – 12:15 pm 
Lord’s Table Meeting followed by Prophesying meeting

Jan 14
7:30 pm

Prayer meeting at the Stepper’s home

Wednesday at Shoreline
Jan 15
NO Wednesday night meetings until FTTA break ends February 26, 2020

Wednesday & Friday
Sisters’ prayer at various homes

Lord’s Day at Bothell
Jan 1910:00 am – 12:15 pm 
Lord’s Table Meeting followed by Prophesying meeting

Other Church News:

  • The Wednesday Night Ministry Meeting will resume on February 26, 2020.
  • FTTA Gospel Trips for 2020
  • The HWMR (Holy Word for Morning Revival) is The One New Man Fulfilling God’s Purpose in Creating Man.
  • The next HWMR is Knowing and Experiencing the All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ. It is ready for distribution for those signed up on the Standing Order. Please feel free to add your name. Check with a Bookroom serving one (Steven, Roger, Patty or Esther).
  • Check your email for local, regional, national and international prayer burdens.
  • Check website announcements on your computer for the sidebar: Events, Ongoing Trainings & Conferences, Useful Links and Prayer Burdens (To see on your mobile phone, scroll all the way to the bottom).
  • Home meetings at various homes all week. To locate a home meeting, a prayer meeting, a sisters’ prayer meeting or to subscribe to our mailing list, contact us at
  • There are several Chinese speaking home meetings in Bothell area every Saturday night. If you would like to join one of them, please contact brother George Xu, Bin Li or Yu Rong.

Buy the Ministry Digest Number 3, English
Buy the Ministry Digest Number 4, English

Buy the Ministry Digest Number 3, Spanish
Buy the Ministry Digest Number 4, Spanish

  • For Simplified Chinese or Korean versions, see the Bookroom serving ones.
  • Volume 3 & 4 of the Ministry Digest have been distributed to the ones on Standing Order. You can sign up for Standing Order at any time and we will order more for you.
  • You can check with the Bookroom on the Lord’s day or send an email to

Excerpt from Ministry Reading:
Ministry Digest
, Section Three, Maturing in Life:


Matthew 25:4 shows that the prudent virgins not only carried their lamps but also prepared their vessels with oil. They were those who paid the price to buy oil and to make themselves ready. What is the meaning of paying the price to buy oil and to make ourselves ready? In the Bible oil signifies the Spirit who is God Himself. To buy oil is to pay the price to gain God. No matter what we wish to gain, we must pay a price in order to gain it. In order to make ourselves ready, we have to gain more of the Spirit and more of God. To gain more of God and more of the Spirit requires that we pay a price. For example, the brother in our previous example needed to pay the price of letting go of his insight and views in the matter of his children’s marriages. To put it more directly, his insight and views had to be broken so that God could come into his insight and views. This is to pay the price and to buy the oil. If we pay the price and let God have the ground and the freedom in us in every single matter, then we will be filled with God and possessed by God. Inwardly, we will be full of oil, full of the Holy Spirit, that is, full of God Himself. When we are filled to the uttermost, then we will be matured, and God’s building will be completed.

Lee, Witness. Ministry Digest, Vol. 01, No. 03 . Living Stream Ministry. Kindle Edition.

Ministry Books Online

Further Reading:

Gaining maturity in the divine life requires that we pay a price in our pursuit of the Lord. Having the filling of the Holy Spirit is at a cost, such as giving up the world, dealing with self, loving the Lord above all, and counting all things loss for Christ…If we pass into death before the Lord’s coming, not having paid the price to be matured in His divine life, we will arise in resurrection still in immaturity and unreadiness at the Lord’s coming. (Affirmation and Critique, “The Word of Righteousness:  The Parable of the Ten Virgins”, July 2000, p. 45, p. 47)  by John Campbell.

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