The church in Bothell

Week of June 14, 2020


-Bothell has set up an EFT account for online offerings, please click the Offerings tab on the website to get to our Online Giving Form

Also, checks can be mailed to the church PO box, either physical checks or online bill pay:

Church in Bothell
PO Box 1849
Bothell, WA, 98041

This is how we can also pay for books that have been distributed, please put “Bookroom” in the memo on the check.

Corporate Ministry

Morning Revival:
The Will of God, Week 6
“Doing the Will of God in the Kingdom of God under the Government of God for the Church as the Israel of God”

Kindle Version

Corporate Reading:
Ministry Digest, Volume 2, Number 5, Section 3,
Maturing in Life, Knowing Life and the Church, Chapter 1:
“Life Being the Goal of God’s Creation and Redemption”

Kindle Version

We have the new Ministry Digest Vol 2, Number 5 available for purchase, and they can be delivered.  Please let us know at

Note: We will have a corporate Lord’s table with both English and Chinese speaking saints, and then separate out for the Prophesying meeting. We are going to try this to see how it works out, please have patience as we continue to find our way through these difficult times.

We will all be in Group 1 to start off at 10am, and then the Chinese speakers can join Group 2 at about 10:30 or so for the prophesying.

Here is the arrangement for our Lord’s Day meeting this Lord’s Day and going forward.  As time goes on we will undoubtedly adjust our format.

  • We will start off with the Lord’s Table. If you would like to partake of the bread and cup, please have the elements ready and we will all partake as one. (if you don’t have any unleavened crackers or grape juice, let us know, we can get some delivered to you if necessary).
  • Next we will move to the prophesying meeting. The moderator will train us how to participate.

Please relay this message to saints that you know who may not be receiving or checking church announcement emails so they can be informed of the new meeting format for our meetings.

Meeting time:  10:00am-11:00am
Lord’s Day June 14th

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