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Lord’s Day

We meet together at 10am on the Lord’s Day to break bread and drink the cup of blessing in remembrance of our Lord. Then there is a prophesying meeting according to 1 Corinthians 14, where every member of the Body of Christ is encouraged to share their portion of Christ for the building up of the Church. In these meetings, all the brothers and sisters in the church are given the opportunity to speak for the building up of the church. In this context, to prophesy does not mean to predict or foretell the future; rather, it means to speak the Word of God that all would be encouraged and consoled (1 Cor. 14:3, 31).


DUE TO COVID-19, the Health and Wellness Center has been closed, so we have been meeting in various other places these past months. We hope the Health and Wellness Center will open again soon, but in the meantime, please contact us for specifics for this week’s Lord’s Day meeting. We also have a remote option by Zoom for our meetings.


We have a prayer meeting on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm that rotates around various members’ homes, as well as weekly meetings for Bible study in various members’ homes.

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